From the Material Turn to the Emergence of Algorithmic Geopolitics – Virginie Mamadouh (Geopolitical Trends in the 21st Century)

Virginie MamadouhIntroducing Virginie Mamadouh

Dr Virginie Mamadouh is Associate Professor in Political and Cultural Geography at the University of Amsterdam.

Her research interests include geopolitics and globalisation; transnationalism and ‘new media’; (transnational) migration and territorial identities; electoral geography and urban social movements.

As an appetizer, a key observation in “From the Material Turn to the Emergence of Algorithmic Geopolitics”:

“In the age of algorithm, when we hardly grasp the consequences of the algorithms we have created so far, AI presents a dangerous litmus test of geographical imaginations and geopolitical representations are encoded for machine use.”

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Matthew Sparke: Globalization discourse, geoeconomic myths, neoliberalization

Introducing Matthew Sparke

Matthew SparkeMatthew Sparke is Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle where he also serves as the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Global Health. He is the author of multiple articles on geopolitics and globalization, as well as two books: “In the Space of Theory” (2005) and “Introduction to Globalization” (2013). Read more

Colin Flint: structure-agency, identity, peace networks, geopolitical codes/visions

Introducing Colin Flint

Colin FlintColin Flint (Epsom, Surrey, 1965) is Professor of Geography and Associate Head and Director of Graduate Studies in Geography at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

He obtained his PhD at the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1995. His research interests include Political Geography, Geography of War and Peace and Geopolitics. Read more

Matthew Hannah: Germany’s census boycott, police tactics, oppression, biopolitics

Introducing Matthew Hannah

Matthew HannahMatthew G. Hannah is Professor of Human Geography at Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK. He specializes in historical and political geography, particularly in the spatial politics of state knowledge in the modern world. Professor Hannah, a native of Maryland, earned his BSc in Geography at the University of Maryland, and his MSc and PhD degrees at the Pennsylvania State University. Read more

John Morrissey: subaltern narratives, biopolitical violence, strategic studies

Introducing John Morrissey

John MorrisseyDr John Morrissey is a political and cultural geographer at National University of Ireland, Galway, where he is Director of the Masters in Environment, Society and Development. Dr Morrissey did his undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin and his PhD at the University of Exeter. He has recently completed an MA in Academic Practice at NUI Galway’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Read more

Jo Sharp: Feminist geopolitics, postcolonialism, common sense, Reader’s Digest

Introducing Jo Sharp

picture Jo SharpDr Jo Sharp is Professor of Geography at the University of Glasgow. She did her undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Cambridge in England, and obtained her Masters and PhD at Syracuse University (US). Professor Sharp’s research interests are mostly related to feminist, postcolonial, cultural and political geographies, with a special focus on Africa. One specific research area is the creation of popular geographical imaginations and knowledges, and the ways these are connected to everyday realities of identity and gender roles. Read more

Lorraine Dowler: Women studies, gender, sexuality, political violence, militarization


picture Lorraine DowlerDr Lorraine Dowler is Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at Pennsylvania State University. She obtained a PhD in Geography at Syracuse University, and holds an MLA in Landscape Architecture and a BS in Marketing. Her research interests include gender, militarization, social theory, cultural geography and qualitative methods. Read more

Katharyne Mitchell: Geoeconomics, Micro/Macro Scales, Fascism, Feminist Theory

Introducing Katharyne Mitchell

Katharyne Mitchell is Professor of Geography at the University of Washington and obtained a PhD in the same discipline at the University of California (Berkeley). What follows is her personal introduction in the first person (participants in the Geopolitical Passport series are usually introduced in third person).

Like many Americans I got a very (very!) broad undergraduate education, beginning in English and music theory as a freshman, then studying Danish and architecture (and failing out of English) during my junior year abroad, gravitating finally to art history by late in my senior year. Read more

Takashi Yamazaki: Japan’s foreign policy, China, South/North-Korea, US militarization of Okinawa

Introducing Takashi Yamazaki

Takashi YamazakiTakashi Yamazaki is Professor of Geography at Osaka City University in Japan. Moreover, he is a steering committee member of the Commission of Political Geography (International Geographical Union), and co-chair of Research Committee 15 (Political and Cultural Geography, International Political Science Association). Read more

Jason Dittmer: cultural perceptions, comic books, nationalist superheroes, Captain America

Introducing Jason Dittmer

picture Jason DittmerJason Dittmer (USA) received his BA in Political Science and International Studies from Jacksonville University (1998), an MA in International Affairs from Florida State University (1999), and a PhD in Geography from Florida State University (2003). Presently he is Lecturer in Human Geography at University College London. Read more