Geopolitics Summer School


Geopolitical Summer SchoolWould you like to develop your geopolitical skills?

Or do a course in the related fields of textual, visual or economic analysis?

In 2019, Maastricht University offers a Geopolitical Summer School on three different themes. Other courses teach you the skills required to do critical discourse analysis, media framing analysis, fake news analysis, country risk analysis and political risk analysis.

Editor Leonhardt van Efferink is Course Leader of these three geopolitical courses and the five other ones. To see all his courses and apply for them, please visit DreamApply website.

Alternatively, you can click on the links below for more information on each specific course. Below you the links, you find the impressions from students of Leonhardt’s Summer School courses during the past six years.

Leonhardt’s Geopolitics Summer School courses in 2019 are:

Leonhardt also teaches courses on:

To find out more about the Geopolitics Summer School and the other courses above, you can also contact Leonhardt.

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2 thoughts on “Geopolitics Summer School

  • 2019 (January) at 19:13

    hello who ever put all these knowledge in the site,/
    well i am so eager to take part in this program but would you mind help me an lead me about the process ?
    my name is Faezeh and i passed my 3rd semester of regional study-international relation. i will be grateful if you lead me
    thank you very much

    • 2019 (January) at 20:54

      Thanks for your question, Faezeh. The application process for the courses will start soon and when that happens, I will let you know on ExploringGeopolitics. Which courses are you interested in specifically? Kind regards, Leonhardt, Editor of EG


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