Geopolitics of Indian Ocean and China’s Belt and Road Initiative – Claude Rakisits (Geopolitical Trends in the 21st Century)

Introducing Claude Rakisits Claude Rakisits is a Honorary Associate Professor at both the Australian National University (Canberra) and Deakin University (Melbourne). He is an Associate with the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington DC as well. Dr

Julien Mercille: Cruel Harvest – US Intervention in the Afghan Drug Trade

Introducing Julien Mercille Julien Mercille is Lecturer at the School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Policy of the University College Dublin. Before receiving his PhD in geography from UCLA (Los Angeles, USA) in 2007, he obtained an MA in geography

Saul Cohen: Geopolitical Review 2012 – Events that Impacted US Foreign Policy

This essay by Saul Cohen is part of the Geopolitical Review 2012 and discusses the main events that impacted US foreign policy in 2012

Gertjan Dijkink: Geopolitical Knowledge 2 – Dutch, French and American newspapers on Afghanistan

Publication by Gertjan Dijkink about Geopolitical Knowledge (part 2: Dutch, French and American newspapers on Afghanistan, Durand Line, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, FATA, Pakistan, ISI

Gertjan Dijkink: Geopolitical Knowledge 1 – the Netherlands, Bosnia and the language of power

Publication by Gertjan Dijkink about Geopolitical Knowledge (part 1: The Netherlands, Bosnia, language of terrain, strategy and power, UNPROFOR, Dutch UN mission, Srebrenica Massacre, Genocide, 1995)

Saul Cohen: Geopolitical Review 2011 – Global events and US foreign policy

Another part of the Geopolitical Review of 2011, written by Saul Cohen, about global events and US foreign policy (Arab Spring, Chinese, American, Global Century, Pacific Rim, Great, Regional, Soft, World Powers, Leaders, Republican Presidential Candidates)

Jamie Scudder: Territorial Integrity – Modern States and the International System

Article by Jamie Scudder called Jamie Scudder: Territorial integrity 1 – modern states and the international system (political, jurisdiction, Peace of Westphalia, Lebanon, Somalia)

Jennifer Hyndman: Unilateralism, Torture, Detention, Tsunamis, Humanitarian Aid

Interview with Jennifer Hyndman as part of the Geopolitical Passport series (American unilateralism, torture, detention, Tsunamis, humanitarian aid, Dual Disasters)

Stuart Elden: Territory, terror and sovereignty

Interview with Stuart Elden on Territory, terror and sovereignty (Spatial Extent Contingent Territorial Integrity United States Robert Kaplan Thomas Barnett Al Qaeda Radical Islamism)

Olivier Kempf: NATO – position of France, its cohesion and future enlargement

Interview with Olivier Kempf about North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO): position of France, cohesion and future enlargement (Georgia, Ukraine, role)