Veit Bachmann: European Union, External Relations, Immigration, Development Policy

Introducing Veit Bachmann

Veit BachmannDr Veit Bachmann (born in 1979) works at the Department of Human Geography at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He is currently the director of the EuroGaps research group that examines external relations and external perceptions of the EU in sub-Saharan Africa and the Black Sea Region. Veit was trained at the University of Plymouth (PhD, 2009), Texas A&M University (MSc 2006) and the Universität Trier (BA 2004). Read more

Veit Bachmann: African-European relations, Perceptions, Images, Identity

Introducing Veit Bachmann

Veit BachmannVeit Bachmann studied International Relations and Economics at the Universität Trier and Geography at Texas A&M University.

He is currently Associate Lecturer and PhD Candidate at the University of Plymouth. The working title of Mr Bachmann’s dissertation is “Regulating Geopolitical space: EU interaction with East Africa”. Read more