Can I contribute to the website?

No, editor Leonhardt published the last contributions in 2020 after deciding to stop the further development of the website.

Are contributors being paid for their efforts?

No, everyone has contributed without obtaining any financial compensation, including the editor.

What are the language requirements for contributions?

All contributions need to be in English and written in a way that requires little editorial efforts.

Can I publish an entire contribution on another website?

No, this is not allowed, please check our home rules on the copyright page.

Can I use quotations from website on other websites?

Yes, that’s no problem as long as you refer to its source (see next question).

How do I refer to a contribution on the website?

Please mention title and author of contribution, and its date and url.

Are the contributions being peer-reviewed?

No, contributors write about earlier research results and for a broad audience.

Ads and link exchanges

Is the website interested in link exchanges?


Does the website contain any paid-for ads?


Is the website interested in publishing ads?