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  • 2015 (November) at 18:35

    Hello. My name is André. I’m Brazilian. I’m an independent researcher and entusiast in Unconventional Warfare and Special Operations. I wrote a short wok talking about the legacy of the Syrian Civil War and why it’s going toshape the New World Order. I like to know if you’re interested. I can send it in PDF via email. If you like, I can also write about topics such ISIS, why the Caliphate doesn’t want to be a International Terrorism power, Spec Ops, etc. I’m very excitted about writing. Thanks.

    • 2016 (April) at 06:37

      Dear André,
      I am currently not publishing any new contributions.
      Kind regards,

    • 2016 (November) at 09:32

      I`m a PhD candidate in Political Science and International Relations, my thesis topic is about geopolitics of Russian foreign policy towards the middle east. I`m looking for references in form of e-books, magazines, articles… needing your support..
      presently i’m writing also about geopolitical rivalry between the great powers in the Middle East . I would like to know if is it possible to publish this article …

      waiting for reply

      • 2016 (December) at 15:21

        Hi Hichem,
        Thanks for your offer. I am currently not actively maintaining the ExploringGeopolitics, so I do not publish any new articles.
        Happy holidays,


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