Saul Cohen: Geopolitical Review 2012 – Events that Impacted US Foreign Policy

This essay by Saul Cohen is part of the Geopolitical Review 2012 and discusses the main events that impacted US foreign policy in 2012

Sara Fregonese: Urban Geopolitics, Hybrid Sovereignty, international diplomacy

Interview with Sara Fregonese as part of the Geopolitical Passport series (Urban Geopolitics, Hybrid Sovereignty, international diplomacy, Radicals’ City, Polarisation, Illegimate non state actors)

Leonhardt van Efferink: Lebanon’s sovereignty – The military, social and political rise of Hezbollah

Article by Leonhardt van Efferink about Lebanon’s sovereignty. Part 2 is about the military, social and political rise of Hezbollah (roles, Shias, Islamic Rule, Iranian Revolution, Syrian influence, Israel, AMAL, Musa al Sadr)

Jamie Scudder: Territorial Integrity – Modern States and the International System

Article by Jamie Scudder called Jamie Scudder: Territorial integrity 1 – modern states and the international system (political, jurisdiction, Peace of Westphalia, Lebanon, Somalia)

Stuart Elden: Territory, terror and sovereignty

Interview with Stuart Elden on Territory, terror and sovereignty (Spatial Extent Contingent Territorial Integrity United States Robert Kaplan Thomas Barnett Al Qaeda Radical Islamism)

Emel Akçali – Cyprus’ geopolitical realities, representations and aspirations

Interview with Emel Akçali about Cyprus: Geopolitical Realities, Representations and Aspirations (mental maps, conflict resolution, European Union)