Luiza Bialasiewicz: European Union – Geographical imaginations

Interview with Luiza Bialasiewicz about European Union: Geographical imaginations (Self Representation, Border Security, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Global South)

Emel Akçali – Cyprus’ geopolitical realities, representations and aspirations

Interview with Emel Akçali about Cyprus: Geopolitical Realities, Representations and Aspirations (mental maps, conflict resolution, European Union)

Michel Foucher: Borders, security and identity

Interview with Michel Foucher about borders, boundaries and frontiers (conflicts, security, identity, Europe, Central Asia)

Gertjan Dijkink: Geopolitical visions, national identity, Balkans, ethnic cleansing

Interview with Gertjan Dijkink as part of the Geopolitical Passport series (geopolitical visions, national identity, Balkans, ethnic cleansing, Somalia piracy)