Virginie Mamadouh: Geopolitics in the 2000s

Virginie Mamadouh discusses four geopolitical approaches in this article called Geopolitics in the 2000s (Geostrategy, Geoeconomics, Post-Structuralistic, Subversive, Feminist, Neo-Marxist, Political Geography)

Igor Okunev: Federalism, autonomy and conflict resolution

Interview with Igor Okunev about Federalism, autonomy and conflict resolution (Sub National Autonomy, Authority)

Frédéric Lasserre: Water scarcity, conflicts and global warming

Interview with Frederic Lasserre about Water Scarcity and Conflicts (Wars, Transboundary Resources, Hydropolitics, Global Warming, Middle East, Aral Sea, China, Nile, Euphrates, Tigris)

Federico Bordonaro: 1-European Union – Global position and political integration

Interview with Federico Bordonaro about European Union, focusing on its Global Power Position, Political Integration and Relationship with Russia geopolitics

Elmar Hellendoorn: External problems for Europe’s energy policy – A brief geopolitical analysis

Elmar Hellendoorn analyses external problems of Europe’s Energy Policy (brief geopolitical analysis)

Julien Mercille: US foreign policy towards Iran

Interview with Julien Mercille about US foreign policy towards Iran (Radical Geopolitics, Nuclear Program, Barack Obama)