Heinz Nissel: Human geography, politics, power, space, future of mankind, Geopolitik

Introducing Heinz Nissel

picture Heinz NisselDr. Heinz Nissel is Reader and Advisor for diploma students and doctoral candidates at Vienna University. He worked there as Associate Professor before retiring in September 2009. In the past, Dr Nissel also worked at universities in Cologne, Berlin and Marburg. He studied Geography, Philosophy and Sociology at Vienna University, where he obtained a DPhil in 1974. Read more

Jason Dittmer: cultural perceptions, comic books, nationalist superheroes, Captain America

Introducing Jason Dittmer

picture Jason DittmerJason Dittmer (USA) received his BA in Political Science and International Studies from Jacksonville University (1998), an MA in International Affairs from Florida State University (1999), and a PhD in Geography from Florida State University (2003). Presently he is Lecturer in Human Geography at University College London. Read more

Leonhardt van Efferink: EU-Russian Gas Trade – Nord Stream, South Stream and Nabucco Pipelines


Leonhardt van EfferinkLeonhardt van Efferink is Editor of ExploringGeopolitics, Founding Director of GeoMeans Strategic Environment Analysis and PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds Master’s degrees in Geopolitics, Territory and Security (King’s College London) and Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Read more

Mahdi Ahouie: 1-Iran’s foreign policy objectives, security concerns, global position

Introducing Mahdi Ahouie

Mahdi AhouieMahdi Ahouie (Tehran, 1977) is Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue in Geneva.

He has obtained a PhD in International Relations at L’Institut de Hautes Études Internationales et du Développement (HEID, University of Geneva). Read more

Emel Akçali – Cyprus’ geopolitical realities, representations and aspirations

Introducing Emel Akçali

Emel AkçaliEmel Akçali (1977) holds the Turkish and Cypriot nationality. She graduated in International Relations at both the American University (Paris, BA) and at the Université de Galatasaray (Istanbul, MA). Ms Akçali obtained her PhD in Political Geography at the Geography Institute of Paris IV-Sorbonne.

Her current position is Visiting Lecturer and Honorary Research Fellow at the Political Science and International Studies Department of University of Birmingham. Read more

Julien Mercille: Afghanistan’s politics, security and drugs

Introducing Julien Mercille

Julien MercilleDr Mercille, who holds the Canadian nationality, is Lecturer at the School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Policy of the University College Dublin. Before receiving his PhD in geography from UCLA (Los Angeles, USA) in 2007, he obtained an MA in geography from the University of Kentucky (USA) and a BA in International Development Studies from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Read more

Virginie Mamadouh: Geopolitics in the 2000s

Introducing Virginie Mamadouh

Virginie MamadouhDr Virginie Mamadouh is Associate Professor in Political and Cultural Geography at the University of Amsterdam. Dr Mamadouh is further involved with a number of journals such as Geopolitics and Political Geography. Her research interests include geopolitics and globalisation; transnationalism and ‘new media’; (transnational) migration and territorial identities; electoral geography and urban social movements. Read more

Martin Müller: The inevitable flaws in Russia’s great power project

Introducing Martin Müller

picture MüllerMartin Müller is Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

He is a political geographer with an interest in critical geopolitics and Russia. Read more

Olivier Kempf: NATO – position of France, its cohesion and future enlargement

Introducing Olivier Kempf

KempfOlivier Kempf (Paris, 1963) obtained a Master in Economy at Sciences-Po Paris.

Currently, he teaches the subject “L’OTAN au XXIe siècle” at this university. Read more

Marietta König: Georgia – Saakasvili, corruption and the opposition

Introducing Marietta König

Marietta KönigMarietta König (Berlin, 1979) has studied political science, intercultural business communication, slavistics and caucasiology. She has been a student at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (FSU), State University in Minsk, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and Tbilisi State University. In 2004, Ms König graduated from the FSU with a Masters’ thesis about the OSCE Longterm Mission to Georgia’s work in South Ossetia. Read more