Andrea Teti: Middle East – political reforms, regional powers and external actors

Introducing Andrea Teti

Andrea TetiDr Andrea Teti (Naples, 1973) is Lecturer in International Relations at University of Aberdeen. His teaching focuses on Middle Eastern history and politics, and on political theory (particularly post-structuralism). Dr Teti studied for his MA (Hons.) and PhD at the University of St Andrews. Read more

Michel Foucher: Borders, security and identity

Introducing Michel Foucher

Michel FoucherMichel Foucher (Montrouge, 1946) obtained his PhD at Sorbonne University in 1986.

He is currently Professor of geography and geopolitics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris Ulm). Moreover, Mr Foucher is member of the Council of Foreign Affairs (Paris). Read more

Frédéric Lasserre: Water scarcity, conflicts and global warming

Introducing Frédéric Lasserre

Professor Frédéric Lasserre obtained his PhD in Geography at the University of Saint Etienne and currently works at the Department of Geography of Laval University in Quebec. One of his specialisations is the geopolitics of water. Dr Lasserre is also researcher at l’Institut québécois des hautes études internationales (IQHEI), where he heads l’Observatoire de recherches internationales sur l’eau (ORIE). Furthermore, he is researcher at la Chaire Raoul-Dandurand en études stratégiques et diplomatiques (Université du Québec à Montréal). Read more

Gideon Biger: Palestine’s history and origin of the borders

Introducing Gideon Biger

Dr. Gideon Biger (Jerusalem, 1945) holds the Israeli nationality and obtained his PhD in historical geography at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) in 1979. He is currently professor in the department of geography and human environment at Tel Aviv university.

Mr. Biger’s areas of interest include historical geography, history of modern Israel and political geography. Moreover, he is an expert in international and national boundaries. Read more

Michael Strauss: Territorial leasing and boundary conflicts

Introducing Michael Strauss

Michael StraussMichael Strauss (Philadelphia, 1953) is currently Lecturer in International Relations at the Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques in Paris. Read more