Jo Sharp: Feminist geopolitics, postcolonialism, common sense, Reader’s Digest

Introducing Jo Sharp

picture Jo SharpDr Jo Sharp is Professor of Geography at the University of Glasgow. She did her undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Cambridge in England, and obtained her Masters and PhD at Syracuse University (US). Professor Sharp’s research interests are mostly related to feminist, postcolonial, cultural and political geographies, with a special focus on Africa. One specific research area is the creation of popular geographical imaginations and knowledges, and the ways these are connected to everyday realities of identity and gender roles. Read more

David Storey: Territories, landscapes, spaces, places, states, borderless world

Introducing David Storey

David StoreyDr David Storey is Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Worcester, England. He was born and grew up in Ireland and has a BA in Geography and Economics, and an MSc in Geography from Trinity College, Dublin and a PhD from University College Cork. Prior to arriving at Worcester, dr Storey worked at the University of Glamorgan. His main research interests are in territoriality, nationalism and place; sport and national identity; rural development, heritage and place promotion. Read more

Federico Bordonaro: demography, Black Sea-Caspian region, strategic territories

Introducing Federico Bordonaro

Federico BordonaroFederico Bordonaro (1972) currently works as a political and geopolitical analyst. Furthermore, he has worked as a lecturer in geopolitics and political history. Dr Bordonaro obtained a PhD in modern and current history at Paris La Sorbonne University, discussing a thesis on the European Security and Defence Policy. He also has a Master’s degree in Diplomacy. Read more

Melanie Hanif: India’s foreign policy, energy security and the nuclear deal

Introducing Melanie Hanif

Melanie HanifMelanie Hanif is a research fellow at the GIGA (German Institute of Global and Area Studies) and a doctoral student at the University of Hamburg. In her dissertation, she discusses theories of regional powers and evaluates to which extent they help to understand India’s position in South Asia. Ms Hanif studied political science with a focus on international relations at the universities of Regensburg and Barcelona. Read more

Jamie Scudder: Territorial Integrity – Modern States and the International System

Introducing Jamie Scudder

Jamie ScudderJamie Scudder is a Country Risk Analyst for Maplecroft. She obtained a Masters degree in Geopolitics from King’s College London where she secured a distinction. Read more

Martin Geiger: International Migration – Management, Organization and Policy

Introducing Martin Geiger

Martin GeigerMartin Geiger, a German Geographer, is a Research Fellow at IMIS, the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies at the University of Osnabrück, Germany.

Previously, he has been affiliated with the European Migration Centre in Berlin, the EUROFOR offices in Florence and as a guest researcher with the Universities of Granada, Spain and Timisoara, Romania. Read more

Mahdi Ahouie: 1-Iran’s foreign policy objectives, security concerns, global position

Introducing Mahdi Ahouie

Mahdi AhouieMahdi Ahouie (Tehran, 1977) is Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue in Geneva.

He has obtained a PhD in International Relations at L’Institut de Hautes Études Internationales et du Développement (HEID, University of Geneva). Read more

Alex Chitty: Western Sahara – Territorial dispute, self-determination and the UN

Introducing Alex Chitty

picture Alex ChittyAlex Chitty holds a BA in Geography from the University of Brighton and is a master’s Student of Geopolitics, Territory and Security at King’s College London. A sample of Alex’s recent academic work is available here: Personal website of Alex Chitty Read more

Jennifer Hyndman: Unilateralism, Torture, Detention, Tsunamis, Humanitarian Aid

Introducing Jennifer Hyndman

Jennifer HyndmanJennifer Hyndman obtained her Phd at the University of British Columbia and is currently Professor in Social Science/Geography at York University in Toronto (Canada). Moreover, she is Associate Director of the Research Centre for Refugee Studies at the same university.

Professor Hyndman’s research combines political, economic, cultural and feminist geography, focusing on people’s mobility, displacement and security. She has a special interest in the dynamics of conflict and disaster that create refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as international humanitarian responses to such crises. Read more

William Worster: Sovereignty – Two Competing Theories of State Recognition – William Worster

Introducing William Worster

William WorsterWilliam Worster (1972, Boston, USA) currently serves as a lecturer at the Hague University, in the Hague, Netherlands; Research Director International Law of the Bynkershoek Institute at the Hague University; and Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Read more