Béatrice Giblin: The Conflicts in the World – A Geopolitical Approach

Introducing Béatrice Giblin

Giblin_smallBéatrice Giblin is a geographer and Professor of Geopolitics. She is teaching at Paris 8 University (former experimental center of Vincennes). Professor Giblin is the founder of the French Institute of Geopolitics (2002) that she headed for ten years. Moreover, she is Head of the geographical and geopolitical magazine Hérodote, founded by Yves Lacoste whom she succeeded in 2006. Read more

Veit Bachmann: European Union, External Relations, Immigration, Development Policy

Introducing Veit Bachmann

Veit BachmannDr Veit Bachmann (born in 1979) works at the Department of Human Geography at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He is currently the director of the EuroGaps research group that examines external relations and external perceptions of the EU in sub-Saharan Africa and the Black Sea Region. Veit was trained at the University of Plymouth (PhD, 2009), Texas A&M University (MSc 2006) and the Universität Trier (BA 2004). Read more

Fiona McConnell: Unrecognised Nations and Peoples Organisation, Tibetan government

Introducing Fiona McConnell

picture Fiona McConnellDr Fiona McConnell is a Research Fellow at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Fiona did her undergraduate degree in Geography at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge (2004), and obtained her Masters and PhD at Queen Mary, University of London (2010), where she was supervised by Prof. Miles Ogborn. Intersecting with scholarship in political geography, critical international relations and political anthropology, Fiona’s research focuses on issues around issues of sovereignty, state practices and the (re)pluralising of political space. Read more

Alex Chitty: Western Sahara – Territorial dispute, self-determination and the UN

Introducing Alex Chitty

picture Alex ChittyAlex Chitty holds a BA in Geography from the University of Brighton and is a master’s Student of Geopolitics, Territory and Security at King’s College London. A sample of Alex’s recent academic work is available here: Personal website of Alex Chitty Read more

Kate Edwards: Cartography, geocultural risk assessment, geoliteracy, games

Kate Edwards

Introducing Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards (Los Angeles, 1965) holds a B.A in Geography and a Certificate in Cartography (both from (California State University LB). Moreover, she obtained a MA and a PhC in Geography at the University of Washington and is currently working on a PhD. Ms Edwards is Principal Consultant and Founder of Englobe Inc. In addition, she is Columnist for MultiLingual Computing and Chair and Founder of the IGDA Game Localization SIG. Read more

Veit Bachmann: African-European relations, Perceptions, Images, Identity

Introducing Veit Bachmann

Veit BachmannVeit Bachmann studied International Relations and Economics at the Universität Trier and Geography at Texas A&M University.

He is currently Associate Lecturer and PhD Candidate at the University of Plymouth. The working title of Mr Bachmann’s dissertation is “Regulating Geopolitical space: EU interaction with East Africa”. Read more

Elmar Hellendoorn: External problems for Europe’s energy policy – A brief geopolitical analysis


Elmar HellendoornElmar Hellendoorn is Postgraduate student at College of Europe. Before, he studied History (BA) and International Relations (MA) at the University of Utrecht. Read more