Peter Taylor: Extraordinary Cities – Millennia of Moral Syndromes, World-Systems and City/State Relations

Introducing Peter Taylor

Taylor_smallPeter Taylor is Professor of Human Geography at Northumbria University (UK), has previously been at Loughborough and Newcastle universities, and has held nine visiting positions in universities in North America and Europe. He was a founding editor of Political Geography (nee Quarterly) and Review of International Political Economy, and is the Founder and Director of the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC). Read more

Matthew Sparke: Globalization discourse, geoeconomic myths, neoliberalization

Introducing Matthew Sparke

Matthew SparkeMatthew Sparke is Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle where he also serves as the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Global Health. He is the author of multiple articles on geopolitics and globalization, as well as two books: “In the Space of Theory” (2005) and “Introduction to Globalization” (2013). Read more

Corey Johnson: global resource nexus, Germany, gas pipelines, overconsumption

Introducing Corey Johnson

picture Corey JohnsonDr Corey Johnson works as Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He holds a PhD and MA in Geography from the University of Oregon, and BA (honors) in Geography and German from the University of Kansas. In the past, dr Johnson participated in the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program for Future American Leaders and was Visiting Fellow in three German public institutions. Read more

David Nally: Great Irish Famine, Food Security, Natural Disasters, Land Grabs, Africa

Introducing David Nally

David NallyDr David Nally is University Lecturer at the Geography Department of the University of Cambridge, and Fellow and Director of Studies at Fitzwilliam College. He undertook his undergraduate degree (BA in History and Geography) at University College Cork, Ireland, and obtained his PhD in Geography at the University of British Columbia, Canada, where Professor Derek Gregory supervised his studies. Dr Nally’s research focuses on the political, economic and cultural dimensions of colonisation, the geopolitics of subsistence crises, and the political economy of agrarian change. He is currently working on a genealogy of the concept of ‘food security’. Read more

Simon Dalby: 3-Climate change, humanity, capitalism, modernity, geographers


Simon DalbyProfessor Simon Dalby obtained his Ph.D. (on cold war geopolitics) at Simon Fraser University.

He works at Carleton University in Ottawa, teaching courses in political geography, and is co-editor of the Geopolitics journal. Professor Dalby is specialised in critical geopolitics, environmental security and the geographical dimensions of global politics. Read more

Linda Johnston: Water Resources Management and Conflict Transformation

Introducing Linda M. Johnston

Linda M. JohnstonLinda M. Johnston has obtained a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University (Fairfax, VA).

Her current position is Director of Master of Science in Conflict Management and The Center for Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University (Georgia, USA). Read more

Frédéric Lasserre: Territorial discourses, mental images, space-time, South China Sea

Introducing Frédéric Lasserre

Professor Frédéric Lasserre obtained his PhD in Geography at the University of Saint Etienne and currently works at the Department of Geography of Laval University in Quebec. One of his specialisations is the geopolitics of water. Dr Lasserre is also researcher at l’Institut québécois des hautes études internationales (IQHEI), where he heads l’Observatoire de recherches internationales sur l’eau (ORIE). Furthermore, he is researcher at la Chaire Raoul-Dandurand en études stratégiques et diplomatiques (Université du Québec à Montréal). Read more

Arjen Hoekstra: Water – its virtual form, national footprints and global economy

Introducing Arjen Hoekstra

Arjen HoekstraArjen Hoekstra was professor in Water Management at the University of Twente. He obtained his MSc degree in Civil Engineering (cum laude) and PhD degree in Policy Analysis at Delft University of Technology. Professor Hoekstra taught a broad range of topics such as water resources management, river basin and coastal zone management, hydrology and water quality, sustainable development, natural resources valuation, environmental systems analysis, and policy analysis. For more information about Professor Hoekstra, please read this Obituary on the website of the University of Twente. Read more

Virginie Mamadouh: Media studies, inclusion-exclusion, geoinformational technology

Introducing Virginie Mamadouh

Virginie MamadouhVirginie Mamadouh is Associate Professor in Political and Cultural Geography at the University of Amsterdam. Ms Mamadouh is further involved with a number of journals such as Geopolitics and Political Geography.

Her research interests include geopolitics and globalisation; transnationalism and ‘new media’; (transnational) migration and territorial identities; electoral geography and urban social movements. Read more

Pádraig Carmody: Africa’s natural resources, climate change and security

Introducing Pádraig Carmody

picture Pádraig CarmodyPádraig Carmody (Dublin, 1968) holds a BA and MSc from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from the University of Minnesota. His recent research centred on the political economy of globalization in Africa. He is Lecturer in Geography at Trinity College in Dublin. Moreover, he works as Research Associate at the Institute for International Integration Studies. Read more