Juliet Fall: Boundaries – Processes, practices and typologies

Introducing Juliet Fall

Juliet FallDr Juliet Fall is Associate Professor at the University of Geneva. She has done a BA and PhD with the same university, and an MSc at the University of Oxford.

Her research interests include, next to boundary studies, Francophone and Anglophone political geography, biodiversity, natural resources and research methodologies. Read more

William Worster: Sovereignty – Two Competing Theories of State Recognition – William Worster

Introducing William Worster

William WorsterWilliam Worster (1972, Boston, USA) currently serves as a lecturer at the Hague University, in the Hague, Netherlands; Research Director International Law of the Bynkershoek Institute at the Hague University; and Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Read more

Stuart Elden: Territory, terror and sovereignty

Introducing Stuart Elden

Stuart EldenStuart Elden is Professor of Geography at Durham University. He obtained a BSc (Hons) in Politics and Modern History in 1994 and a PhD in Political Theory in 1999, both from Brunel University.

Professor Elden is editor of Society and Space (Environment and Planning D) and one of the founding editors of Foucault Studies. He is also Associate Director of the International Boundaries Research Unit. Read more

Patri Friedman: Permanent autonomous ocean communities, Seasteading Institute

Introducing Patri Friedman

picture Patri FriedmanPatri Friedman (1976) holds a bachelor’s degree in math (HMC), MS in Computer Science (Stanford University) and an MBA (Cardean University).

Mr Friedman is Executive Director and Board Member of The Seasteading Institute and Board Member of Humanity+. Read more

Michel Foucher: Borders, security and identity

Introducing Michel Foucher

Michel FoucherMichel Foucher (Montrouge, 1946) obtained his PhD at Sorbonne University in 1986.

He is currently Professor of geography and geopolitics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris Ulm). Moreover, Mr Foucher is member of the Council of Foreign Affairs (Paris). Read more

Gideon Biger: Palestine’s history and origin of the borders

Introducing Gideon Biger

Dr. Gideon Biger (Jerusalem, 1945) holds the Israeli nationality and obtained his PhD in historical geography at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) in 1979. He is currently professor in the department of geography and human environment at Tel Aviv university.

Mr. Biger’s areas of interest include historical geography, history of modern Israel and political geography. Moreover, he is an expert in international and national boundaries. Read more

Emel Akçali: Ethnic-territorial conflicts, Environmental Peacemaking, Mental Maps

Introducing Emel Akçali

Emel AkçaliEmel Akçali (1977) holds the Turkish and Cypriot nationality. She graduated in International Relations at both the American University (Paris, BA) and at the Université de Galatasaray (Istanbul, MA).

Dr Akçali obtained her PhD in Political Geography at the Geography Institute of Paris IV-Sorbonne.
Read more

Michael Strauss: Territorial leasing and boundary conflicts

Introducing Michael Strauss

Michael StraussMichael Strauss (Philadelphia, 1953) is currently Lecturer in International Relations at the Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques in Paris. Read more

Steven Spittaels – Cartografische Conflictanalyse in Afrika

Introductie: Steven Spittaels

SpittaelsHet derde interview op Geopolitiek.nl is met Steven Spittaels van de International Peace Information Service. Dit interview, waarin de heer Spittaels zijn geopolitieke veldonderzoek in Afrika toelicht, bestaat uit de volgende delen: Read more