Marijn Nieuwenhuis: Spatial Sensitivity, Terrestrial Fixity and China’s Territory

Introducing Marijn Nieuwenhuis

Marijn NieuwenhuisMarijn Nieuwenhuis teaches International Relations and Political Geography at the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. He finished his PhD in late 2013 on the emergence and evolution of modern territory in China. Marijn is currently in the process of converting his PhD into a book. Marijn has since the completion of his PhD become increasingly interested in non-terrestrial understandings of territory. His recent work looks at the idea, medium and concept of air and its relationship to geography. Read more

Stephen Saideman: NATO in Afghanistan – Fighting Together, Fighting Alone

Introducing Stephen Saideman

Stephen M. Saideman is the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University. His research interests focus on the causes and consequences of intervention into intra-state conflicts. His current work focuses on Canadian and NATO’s efforts in Afghanistan and also on the mobilization of diaspora groups. Dr Saideman teaches courses on Civil-Military Relations and American Foreign and Defence Policy. Read more

Stuart Elden: The Birth of Territory

Introducing Stuart Elden

Stuart EldenStuart Elden is Professor of Political Theory and Geography at the University of Warwick, and one of the editors of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. “The Birth of Territory” is his fifth authored book, along with seven edited or co-edited collections. In 2013 he was awarded a Doctor of Letters degree for publications post-PhD, and elected as a Fellow of the British Academy. Read more

Barney Warf: Global Geographies of the Internet

Introducing Barney Warf

Warf_smallBarney Warf is a professor of Geography at the University of Kansas. His research and teaching interests lie within the broad domain of human geography. Much of his research concerns economic geography, emphasizing services and telecommunications. His work straddles contemporary political economy and social theory on the one hand and traditional quantitative, empirical approaches on the other. Read more

Stuart Elden: Political Geography, International Relations theory, UN Charter

Introducing Stuart Elden

Stuart EldenStuart Elden is Professor of Political Geography at Durham University, and Academic Director of the International Boundaries Research Unit. He is the author of three works of social/spatial theory on Heidegger, Foucault and Lefebvre, and of “Terror and Territory: The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty” which was awarded the Association of American Geographers Globe Book Award, the Political Geography Speciality Group Julian Minghi Outstanding Research Award, and the Royal Geographical Society Murchison Award. Read more

Leonhardt van Efferink: Lebanon’s sovereignty – The military, social and political rise of Hezbollah


Leonhardt van EfferinkLeonhardt van Efferink is Editor of ExploringGeopolitics, Founding Director of GeoMeans Strategic Environment Analysis and PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds Master’s degrees in Geopolitics, Territory and Security (King’s College London) and Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Read more

David Storey: Territories, landscapes, spaces, places, states, borderless world

Introducing David Storey

David StoreyDr David Storey is Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Worcester, England. He was born and grew up in Ireland and has a BA in Geography and Economics, and an MSc in Geography from Trinity College, Dublin and a PhD from University College Cork. Prior to arriving at Worcester, dr Storey worked at the University of Glamorgan. His main research interests are in territoriality, nationalism and place; sport and national identity; rural development, heritage and place promotion. Read more

Alexander Murphy: Nationalism, sovereignty, social constructs, human rights

picture Alexander Murphy

Introducing Alexander Murphy

Alexander Murphy is Professor of Geography and Rippey Chair in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon.

He obtained a BA in Archaeology at Yale University, a J.D. in Law at Columbia University and a PhD in Geography at the University of Chicago. Read more

Jamie Scudder: Territorial Integrity – Modern States and the International System

Introducing Jamie Scudder

Jamie ScudderJamie Scudder is a Country Risk Analyst for Maplecroft. She obtained a Masters degree in Geopolitics from King’s College London where she secured a distinction. Read more

Juliet Fall: Boundaries – Processes, practices and typologies

Introducing Juliet Fall

Juliet FallDr Juliet Fall is Associate Professor at the University of Geneva. She has done a BA and PhD with the same university, and an MSc at the University of Oxford.

Her research interests include, next to boundary studies, Francophone and Anglophone political geography, biodiversity, natural resources and research methodologies. Read more