Igor Okunev: Russian geopolitics

Introducing Igor Okunev

Igor Okunev (St. Petersburg, 1986) holds the Russian nationality and graduated in Intercultural Communication (MA) at St. Petersburg University. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in Political Science at the Moscow Institute of International Relations. Moreover, Mr Okunev is President of the Student Department of the Russian Political Science Association. Read more

Ian Klinke: Five minutes for critical geopolitics – A slightly provocative introduction

Introducing Ian Klinke

Ian KlinkeIan Klinke is a PhD candidate at University College London.

His research at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies investigates the spatiotemporal narratives that structure the relationship between the European Union and its East.

Key research areas include International Relations theory, German energy security and the geopolitics of Belarus. Read more

Leonhardt van Efferink: The Definition of Geopolitics – The Classical, French and Critical Traditions


Leonhardt van EfferinkLeonhardt van Efferink is Editor of ExploringGeopolitics, Founding Director of GeoMeans Strategic Environment Analysis and PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds Master’s degrees in Geopolitics, Territory and Security (King’s College London) and Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Read more

Leonhardt van Efferink: De definitie van geopolitiek – De klassieke, Franse en kritische benaderingen

Inleiding: Leonhardt van Efferink

Leonhardt van Efferink is hoofdredacteur van ExploringGeopolitics. Daarnaast is hij als onafhankelijk Trainer-Consultant werkzaam voor GeoMeans Strategic Environment Analysis. Begin 2019 rondt Leonhardt ook zijn proefschrift over geopolitieke framing in Duitsland af. Hij promoveert aan Royal Holloway (University of London). Leonhardt behaalde eerder Master-diploma’s in Economie (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) en Geopolitiek (King’s College London). Read more

David Criekemans: Geopolitiek, Vlaanderen, Mackinder, Heartland, Spykman, Rimland

Introductie: David Criekemans

Dr David Criekemans is postdoctoraal navorser Internationale Politiek aan de Universiteit Antwerpen, onderzoekscoördinator en senior onderzoeker ‘Europese en Mondiale Verhoudingen’ bij het Vlaams Steunpunt Buitenlands Beleid, alsook docent ‘Geopolitiek’ aan zowel het International Centre for Geopolitical Studies (I.C.G.S.) in Genève (Zwitserland), als aan de Koninklijke Militaire School in Brussel. Read more

Timothy Boon von Ochssée: Mackinder and Spykman and the New World Energy Order

Timothy Boon von Ochssée

Introducing Timothy Boon von Ochssée

Timothy Boon von Ochssée is a researcher at the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) and works on a PhD about the global gas market. Read more