Leonhardt van Efferink: The Definition of Geopolitics – The Classical, French and Critical Traditions


Leonhardt van EfferinkLeonhardt van Efferink is Editor of ExploringGeopolitics, Founding Director of GeoMeans Strategic Environment Analysis and PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds Master’s degrees in Geopolitics, Territory and Security (King’s College London) and Financial Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Read more

Leonhardt van Efferink: De definitie van geopolitiek – De klassieke, Franse en kritische benaderingen

Inleiding: Leonhardt van Efferink

Leonhardt van Efferink is hoofdredacteur van ExploringGeopolitics. Daarnaast is hij als onafhankelijk Trainer-Consultant werkzaam voor GeoMeans Strategic Environment Analysis. Begin 2019 rondt Leonhardt ook zijn proefschrift over geopolitieke framing in Duitsland af. Hij promoveert aan Royal Holloway (University of London). Leonhardt behaalde eerder Master-diploma’s in Economie (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) en Geopolitiek (King’s College London). Read more

Alexandre Vautravers: Sea/air routes, arms industry/trade, military strategy

Introducing Alexandre Vautravers

foto VautraversDr Alexandre Vautravers (1956) was born in Madrid and holds the Swiss and EU nationality. He holds a PhD in Contemporary History (Hons, University of Lyon2) and in Social and Economic Sciences (Hons, University of Geneva). Currently, he is Head of the International Relations Department (Refugee and Migration Program) of Webster University in Geneva. Read more

Emmanuel Dupuy: Military sociology, strategic thinking, threats, intelligence

Introducing Emmanuel Dupuy

foto DupuyEmmanuel Dupuy (1971) was born in Forbach (France) and holds the French nationality. He has a broad educational background at universities of Bordeaux and Toulouse and l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Toulouse, covering History, Law, Political Science, Defence studies and European studies. Mr. Dupuy is currently President of l’Institut Prospective et Sécurité en Europe. Read more

Gyula Csurgai: Kosovo – self determination, secession and multi-ethnic regions

Introducing Gyula Csurgai

Gyula CsurgaiDr Gyula Csurgai is geopolitics courses director of International Centre for Geopolitical Studies, lecturer in geopolitics in academic and professional circles and author of several studies and publications.

In this interview, Mr Csurgai gives his vision on the self-determination of people and possible consequences of Kosovo’s independece. Read more

Steven Spittaels – Cartografische Conflictanalyse in Afrika

Introductie: Steven Spittaels

SpittaelsHet derde interview op Geopolitiek.nl is met Steven Spittaels van de International Peace Information Service. Dit interview, waarin de heer Spittaels zijn geopolitieke veldonderzoek in Afrika toelicht, bestaat uit de volgende delen: Read more

Gyula Csurgai: Representations, power rivalries, non-state actors, géopolitique

Introducing Gyula Csurgai

CsurgaiDr Gyula Csurgai (1962) was born in Budapest and holds the Hungarian and Canadian nationality.

He graduated from University of Concordia (Canada) and Toulouse (France) with a degree in Political Science, before obtaining his doctorate from University of Geneva. Read more